2012THE MABINOGIONA musical rendering of all 11 tales in the ancient Welsh BookNot yet staged
2012MOSES AND THE PROMISED LANDCompleted in JulyNot yet staged
2003GLYNDWR: PRINCE OF WALESA musical I have written based on the life of Owain GlyndwrNot yet staged
1998A TREASURE ISLAND IN THE SOUTH PACIFICA comedy revue I wrote using well-known songsSwansea Housing Players
1997THE LITTLE HOUSING ASSOCIATION ON THE PRAIRIEA comedy revue I wrote using well known songsSwansea Housing Players
1990THUMBNAIL SKETCHESA Musical I wrote - an artist paints sketches of poeople going into the London Underground before tragedy happensNot yet staged
1988"SILAS" exceptA short extract of my musical which we performed at the Lord Mayor's Charity ConcertVarious drama groups
1986THE DAYS OF THE YEARA musical revue I wrote using my own songs and well known songs to celebrate events during the yearMichael Phillips Musical Players
1985THE MEANING OF CHRISTMASA musical I wrote which included ten of my own songs together with other well known songs and carolsMichael Phillips Musical Players
1985GENESIS GENESISA full length musical based in the future for which I wrote the lyrics, music and libretto and took the leading roleMichael Phillips Musical Players
1983SILASA full length musical based on the novelMichael Phillips Musical Players
1965MUSICAL REVUEWrote and DirectedThe Welfarians
1965SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFSWrote and DirectedThe Welfarians
1964MUSICAL REVUEWrote and directedThe Welfarians
1964GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARSPantomime I wrote and directedThe Welfarians
1963KING HAROLD IIA play written in a Shakespearean formatNot staged
1960Various Nativity Plays and playlets for local churchSt David's Church Gwernffrwdd, Gower

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